Our college

Our school was established in the 2004-2005 academic year with the decision of the Council of Higher Education, dated 06.10.2003 and numbered 21210, as part of Süleyman Demirel University. Our college, which was connected to Mehmet Akif Ersoy University with the law dated 01.03.2006 and numbered 5467, has a 7700 m2 closed and 6000 m2 open area in its new building, which has been built in Bucak Oğuzhan Campus since the 2011-2012 Spring semester; With its academic staff consisting of 6 Faculty Members, 15 Lecturers and 1 Lecturer, it provides education and training services with 8 programs in 15 classrooms, 2 lecture halls and 10 workshops. Our school continues to serve the higher education of our country by renewing and developing itself day by day.

Our Middle School

Vision: What Kind of a Person We believe that education is to give our children the will and ability to be happy and successful individuals. We believe that every child has values that will enable him to grow up as a free, versatile and individual, That the way to ensure the happiness of societies, to eliminate ignorance and to create a democratic society can only be provided by well-educated individuals of societies; For this reason, we believe that the most important effort for human beings is education. In addition to all these values, it is our goal to gain personality traits that will be beneficial to the society. At this point, it gives us strength; It is our traditions that brought us to the present day and the principle of “educating students in the same climate and culture by giving priority to protecting their mental health” throughout primary and high school, starting from pre-school.