One of the first companies that come to mind when it comes to quarrying in Turkey.

Antalya Marble was established in 1993 by Emin Gülmez. Since the first day it was founded, it has specialized in quarry management and has made its name a world brand. Antalya marble, which produces 3,000,000 m2 of natural stone annually in its seven factories consisting of high-tech machinery, provides national and international project services of all types and sizes with its product range processed with a special selection approach. 
Antalya Marble works to be one of the leading companies in the sector that provides quality and fast service to its customers with its expert staff in its field.
Our company, which always prioritizes its customers and their demands, continues the necessary research and development activities in this direction.


Continuity is essential for our industry. Our company, which aims to present certain products and product groups to its customers for many years, on the condition of showing the necessary sensitivity to nature and people, makes all kinds of investments in this regard. In order to meet the increasing demands every day, we serve our customers with our timely and affordable product range by making stock production in line with the need that may arise, without reducing the production, without compromising on quality and technology.


Our company, which was founded in the early 90s and set out with the vision of becoming a world-class brand, has chosen a mission based on the happiness of its customers.


The main principle of our company is customer satisfaction and happiness.

In order to achieve this, the main rule is to correctly determine the developing customer demands, to give a special price to the product, to send the product without errors and on time. Our goal is to keep customer/employee relations at the highest level.

In order to survive and reveal our competitive power, we must work efficiently and use resources effectively.

While doing the necessary work, the environment we work in and the environment we live in is clean, safe and orderly; We must make sure that our relations are respectful and harmonious. The road to success is education. A common consciousness of providing the best service and quality product to the customer can only be achieved through education.


  • To closely follow the developing technology every day and to provide quality and demand-appropriate service,
  • To take all measures regarding Worker Safety by fulfilling the laws, regulations, standards, regulations and requirements during the construction of the works and to ensure that the works are done in accordance with the standards
  • To increase performance and productivity with the motivation provided to company employees,

Within all these conditions, we aim to be permanent in this sector for many years with a company structure based on customer satisfaction.